How to Make a Custom-Centered Topo Map

Every great trip starts with a map. Now, you can create custom printed maps at via our map partner MyTopo. These high-quality printed maps match the topographical maps you see in our mobile apps. So now there's a map to go with your mobile app. Here's how to create a custom map for your next outdoor outing

1. Open an account at
2. Go to Start a new trip or import a gpx (gpx is a generic and standardized format to share GPS data).
3. Name your trip. Add description. Hit save and go to Map Editor.
4. Zoom in on your trip location, then plot waypoints and draw tracks.
5. When your personal overlays are done, save trip. On the view trip page, click "Print MyTopo" under Map Tools, which leads you to (our map partner).
6. Pick your waypoint style and track color (we prefer red since it pops most maps).
7. Choose the map type (topo, color aerial, hybrid topo-photo, b&w aerial photo)
8. Select your map size (up to 5' x 8') and scale* (down to 1:10K). The red box shows the printed map's edges. Move the box to your desired location.
9. Choose what type of paper you want (waterproof, glossy, laminated).
10. Name your map, pick a grid overlay, and decide if you want hill-shading*.
11. Preview the map, add to cart. Checkout.
12. If your route requires more than one topo, repeat steps 5-11 to build other maps.

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